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Sunday, March 25, 2012

ML: The Mind's Eye Infection

New video is up on the old Blip Channel. This time around, we're taking a mystical journey through time as we discover "The Mind's Eye" in a 10 minute episode I call The Mind's Eye Infection.

A little background info: "The Mind's Eye" is a thirty minute film made of computer animated segments pulled from commercials, presentations, and demo reels and edited to electronic music. Kind of like Fantasia for CGI. Remember, this was the early 90s, so CGI was a big deal and a burgeoning art form. Though not technically a kid's film, I do remember this thing from my childhood because I was fascinated with the art form. And I've discovered that I wasn't alone in my admiration. So take a look at my twenty second episode of Memory Lane and see for yourself.

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