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Monday, June 25, 2012

"The Entertainers"

PERSON: So what do you do online?
ME: I make videos where I examine forgotten and overlooked items of our mass-media culture.
PERSON: What's the appeal?
ME: ... I tell jokes?
PERSON: Is this just an excuse to not get a real job?
ME: I have a job. This is just a hobby!
PERSON: Why don't you just play WOW like a real social outcast?
ME: Because I have fun expressing myself.
(PERSON cannot answer because they are being eaten by a Dimetrodon that I have conjured.)

Above is a typical exchange between myself and an audience member who just doesn't get the purpose of a comedy video/ review/ retrospective. It truly is difficult to pinpoint exactly what I do. No, I'm not a vlogger. My videos involve dialogue, sketches, and alliteration-heavy scripts. No, I'm not a straight-comedian. Sometimes I don't include jokes or a have a punchline. No, I'm not a superhero. Though that would be handy.

Then I came across this video made by The Omega (no relation) which perfectly paraphrases what we video producers are: we are entertainers. So, for your entertainment, here is...


Much kudos to The Omega for this uplifting vid... though I can't help but feel that she forgot someone... someone is missing from this video... as though she forgot to include a reviewer very close to me... ... ... Robert Osborne! She forgot Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies. Oh well, I guess there wasn't enough space for everyone.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Demon Bluesman: COMPLETE

So for all of you who swore you wouldn't bother thumbing through the novella "The Demon Bluesman" until the full thing was uploaded... it's all uploaded. Enjoy the journey through madness and apathy, through agony and bliss, through Arkansas and Louisiana. If enough of you out there enjoy it, then a sequel might show up which takes the story further in the psyche and deeper into the south. You can find the full story on this blog. Just follow the tabs at the top of the page. You can also download a PDF if that's easier, so you can read the devil's words anywhere, even during church!