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Monday, June 25, 2012

"The Entertainers"

PERSON: So what do you do online?
ME: I make videos where I examine forgotten and overlooked items of our mass-media culture.
PERSON: What's the appeal?
ME: ... I tell jokes?
PERSON: Is this just an excuse to not get a real job?
ME: I have a job. This is just a hobby!
PERSON: Why don't you just play WOW like a real social outcast?
ME: Because I have fun expressing myself.
(PERSON cannot answer because they are being eaten by a Dimetrodon that I have conjured.)

Above is a typical exchange between myself and an audience member who just doesn't get the purpose of a comedy video/ review/ retrospective. It truly is difficult to pinpoint exactly what I do. No, I'm not a vlogger. My videos involve dialogue, sketches, and alliteration-heavy scripts. No, I'm not a straight-comedian. Sometimes I don't include jokes or a have a punchline. No, I'm not a superhero. Though that would be handy.

Then I came across this video made by The Omega (no relation) which perfectly paraphrases what we video producers are: we are entertainers. So, for your entertainment, here is...


Much kudos to The Omega for this uplifting vid... though I can't help but feel that she forgot someone... someone is missing from this video... as though she forgot to include a reviewer very close to me... ... ... Robert Osborne! She forgot Robert Osborne of Turner Classic Movies. Oh well, I guess there wasn't enough space for everyone.

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