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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The New Reviewtopians

So remember that site that I contribute to? The one you should watch nightly? Seriously, are you going to watch some crappy evening news or Leno being awkward, or are you going to watch some legitimate comedy/reviews? Check out Reviewtopia for all your Internet video needs. For now, let me introduce you to some of the newest contributors.

First up, Blockbuster Chick who specializes in those big-time, zillion-dollar films we all love to hate... or hate to hate. Or just hate. One thing I've noticed is that I don't particularly think too hard about these big-budget bombs, but I really ought to or else I'll be doomed as a filmmaker to repeat the mistakes of the past. BBChick also proves my theory that Brits are just inherently funny.

Next, Some Jerk with a Camera who spends his eternity at the Happiest Place on Earth... which doesn't include "It's a Small World."Some people are content enough reviewing Disney properties, but the Jerk will review the actual Disney property from Disney property. By this point, I think he's actually a Disney attraction. I saw him pinpointed on the map. Also, was that Weird Al Yankovic? Twice?

Third in line... me. Watch me.

Then, from the planet Dracula (I think I missed that astronomy class) it's Count Jackula who will introduce you to the best and worst of sci-fi and horror. Watching him, I am reminded of those old late-nite horror movie hosts on those local TV stations except... intentionally funny. The Count has got some movies for you including Death Bed, the Bed that Eats... I'm not sleeping tonight... literally.

And finally, we've got the guru of horror: Horror Guru. He talks about Ponies... sorry, I'm reading the wrong page... let's see... ah yes, horror films. With the powers of Metallica and Black Sabbath literally behind him, Guru brings you the bestworst in horror. The messier, the better.

So remember to check out these new-comers and support their shows. Particularly that third person on the list. It's my objective opinion that you should support him the most. Do it.

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