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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pick of the Now: iamamiwhoami

Need your Swedish fix for the week? Have you seen the amazement that is iamamiwhoami? At first listen, this mysterious youtube project seems like a series of normal (yet still fantastic) experimental euro-pop songs, but the videos, for me, are what make it. Ranging from hugely organic to excessively minimalistic, the videos are beautiful, provocative, and oh so Scandinavian. They began appearing two years ago without explanation or even a known identity of those involved. Since then, we've discovered the singer to be songstress Jonna Lee. I really love the whole cryptic atmosphere this series has created. It leaves you wondering and waiting to learn more. Here's the newest (as of this writing) video "Drops" to give you an idea.

Kids, this is how you go viral!

P.S. Big announcement tomorrow.

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