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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Music of the "Black Rainbow" Review

In case you haven't seen my review of "Beyond the Black Rainbow" you can see it on my Blip channel. It's about 15 minutes long which is how long I watched that movie before I gave up on watching anything ever again.

Trivia Time... the music of BtBR was composed by Jeremy Schmidt of relevant prog-rock band "Black Mountain." Here's "The Hair Song" from their latest album "Wilderness Heart."
I give the music of BtBR a tough time, but that's just because of guilt through association. Sure it sounds like dubstep in slow-motion and gets as grating as free-basing Clorox, but synthesizer magician Schmidt composes the perfect mood for the film that really makes it bearable. Listen to the sounds of this scene.
Makes you want to go to the arcade and spend all your quarters on Galaga, doesn't it? You know, plenty of critics have been giving this movie a hard time, and you'd think I'd agree with them, but the more the critics knock this movie, the more I want to like it. It's as though I have to be contrary... but changing my opinion means I would have to re-shoot the episode, and I'm not doing that.

In my actual review, there are two copyrighted songs I have sampled (Fair-Use, parody, Bill of Rights, and all that). One of these is Cream's SWLABR which I'm sure you've all heard me reference on plenty of occasions. The other is "Rainbow Man" from The Orange Alabaster Mushroom. At the time, I selected the song because it fit the mood and contained the word rainbow ("Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was too obvious). But I'm just now realizing how suiting it is. The Orange Alabaster Mushroom is a musical project from Canadian musician Greg Watson that sprang up in the early 1990s and recreated the textured sound of the late 60s. Seems similar to what Panos Cosmatos was doing with BtBR, eh? So here is "Rainbow Man" in full (pending Youtube take-down, blah-blah).

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