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Monday, August 6, 2012

Pick of the Now: Django Django

The other day, weevils got into my music collection. They laid their eggs all over my Mp3s, so I had throw it all out along with a bag of flour infested with millipedes. Now I'm starting over and finding new music. I'm feel like I'm off to a good start.

I've literally just now, this second, as I write this, discovered a new band that goes by the name DJANGO DJANGO.  Their debut, self-titled album premiered in January in the UK, but won't hit American shores to steal hard-working American jobs until later this month. So technically, this is new music. I may retain my hip-card.

"Django Django" album cover
The music reminds me of... well not a lot really, as it attains a level of originality not often found in debut albums, but my thoughts turn to the psychedelia of Tame Impala or Pond as well as the rocky-bluesy twang of the Black Keys. Both comparisons are a bit of a stretch, but the whole album manifests the spirit and musical aesthetic of David Byrne. We hear that steely guitar work of the American west (hence the dounble-Django all the way across the title), African-style beats, and a buzzy synthesizer that recalls old days spent in front of the Calicovision.

The layers on these tracks are thick as a triple layer quesadilla, so have fun listening again an again. The music is still fresh in my mind, so only time will tell if this collection of songs will last or become dull with their novelty. Take a listen to their single "Default" which features a music video that just shouts "ART STUDENTS, ART STUDENTS, ART STUDENTS!"

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