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Sunday, October 21, 2012

ML: Stinky Cheese, Man

I think my favorite thing to ramble about... I mean properly review... is books, particularly children's books. In the tradition of "Round Trippin'" and "I Spy an I Spy," I present y third book review "Stinky Cheese, Man."

I can say with dignity that this book held the top spot on my list of favorites for many years as its snide humor and delightfully twisted artwork entertained me for a whole decade. Recently, while looking through boxes of my old stuff in search of my old cursed Jade Skull of Ahmitura (Thragh-zweitel-hrophganink!) I found this ol' book and decided to take a look. What a delight. One thing I forgot to mention in the video, though, is that "The Stinky Cheese Man" (the book, not the person) received a Caldecott Honorary Medal.

Oh, and the book has been adapted into a musical on a few occasions.

Watch "Stinky Cheese, Man"

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