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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pick of the Now: Brother Nash

In my search for good local art, I came across a fantastic comic in a store that immediately caught my eye. If you've read my novella "The Demon Bluesman" then you could guess that a story about a supernatural entity roaming the Earth effecting those around him is right up my alley. This is "Brother Nash" by Charlotte artist Bridgit Scheide. Remember that comic series "US 1?" Well this is kind of within that genre... except awesome rather than a punchline on "Atop the 4th Wall." It's like a throwback to that time in the late 70s when truckers ruled the pop-culture planet. CB radios and convoys anyone?

Within the world of Brother Nash, we meet interesting characters both mortal and paranormal, we witness mysterious events, and gaze upon some fantastic art work. The art touches many styles (cartoonish, realistic, expressionist, surrealist) without ever getting pigeon-holed into any one category... as a good comic should.

Issue One is available online via Webcomics Nation, although don't you think buying a physical copy is far better? Isn't it time truckers came back into style, particularly when the story involves ghosts and shape-shifting beasts? Give it a read.

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