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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Antique Freak

Random confession time: I like antique stores. No, I don't give a chifferobe about pricing, decorating, or bargains. That's for the Olds and the Poors. Instead, I like getting lost in the vintage wonderland.  procuring weird items of days long forgotten (re: the 1980s). Think about it: an antique store is a museum, freak-show, and discount furniture store all rolled into one musky, dusty department.

Recently, I took a day trip to the Sleepy Poet in South Charlotte, which lives by the motto "No rhyme or reason, just cool stuff." Man, this place is so cool. It's so alt. It's so #YOLO. Presented for your enjoyment, here are some pictures I snapped on my iPhone... more like pictures I touch-screened (I miss legit cameras) while browsing the massive, massive complex. Seriously, this place is huge.

First up, Virtua Fighter for the Sega 32X. Look at Sonic back there, smug as a mug knowing the Genesis is superior.
 Want breakfast in bed? Want 90s nostalgia while you eat your huevos rancheros? Here's the thing for you: A Biker Mice from Mars serving tray.

I imagine half this game is trying to remember who'd go on to have a creditable career.
 This is "Play Time Tiddledy Winks" dated 1940. Contains a glass cup and some wooden buttons. Kids in the 40s must have been bored / poor. Not pictured: the game where you throw playing cards into a hat. That was considered the Sega 32X of it's day.

Let's bring Living Room Turnstiles into Style. Here's one for 200 bucks.

 Remember my episode "Yelp of the Dead?" Remember Chi-Chi's? Here's some matches sure to cause hepatitis.

Not everything in the Sleepy Poet is an antique. Some people sell original art like this metal angler fish. That would look lovely hanging above my Living Room Turnstile, luring little fish in with its blue light special.
And finally, here are the bathrooms at the Sleepy Poet. Worst breakroom ever.

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