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Friday, December 21, 2012

Chez Apocalypse, 2012

The Mayans never predicted an Apocalypse for 2012. People on the Internet invented that to sell books with asteroids and Planet X on the cover. However, it appears there is an Apocalypse occurring after all. And no, the X-Force didn't clone the mutant Apocalypse... again.

I'm talking about Chez Apocalypse. I have many audience members who are completely unaware of the world of Internet Reviewers. A friend once wrote me to say "did you hear of this Nostalgia Critic? He's stealing your gimmick!" "No, friend, it's... the other way around... sadly." So, for viewers ingrained in the "Reviewniverse" (that's apparently what the community of critics is called) you are already familiar with the faces at Chez Apocalypse. But for those of you who still think my show is wildly original, you should check out these talented sexy people. After all, many of them influenced my show.

CHEZ APOCALYPSE is now open for business.

On second thought, screw it. Just watch MY SHOW! And then watch it AGAIN!

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