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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Circle, Circle, Pi, Pi...

If all my twitter comrades are to be believed, today is International Pi Day (March Fourteenth or 3-14). Sure, we could use this as excuse to eat a pie or write the full numeric sequence in sidewalk chalk, or we could sit back and reflect on the importance of circles. Although, personally I'd rather just eat a fucking pie, but being a man of letters, I think it best (and therefore I am best) that we remember the way most of us were introduced to the circle: Sesame Street. Here are some clips from the veteran variety show that paved the way to that shape with no corners and infinite sides.

First up, an animated sequence circa 1975 with music by Philip Glass. It's a beautiful piece without dialogue that demonstrates the unhealthiness of modern life distant from nature... oh wait, I'm thinking of Koyaanaisqatsi... this is just a bunch of circles.

Next, we've got this fast-paced, high energy segment that really seems like something off Liquid Television. This youtube uploader has the best word to describe it: snazzy.

Here's one of my favorites: the Bridge keeper, one of the strangest reoccurring characters from these animated shorts. You really got to wonder about this guy's life. What does he do out there? What is he guarding? What is his favorite color? Oh well, here he is forcing a guy to eat circles.

And finally, a short scene depicting the balance of good and evil in our world. Yes, these shorts are that deep...

Now all rise for the circle anthem.

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  1. Cookies are circles. Sadly, this is about as far as my mathematical ability goes. Pi day is a good day for math enthusiasts and math haters to unite for deliciousness.