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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pick of the Now: Darublues

"Tomorrow's Gift" Album Cover
Ever wonder where a lot of that strange, stoner music I sample on Memory Lane comes from? What, do you think I've got a garage full of out-of-print vinyls that I can reference on a whim? ... I wish. Instead, I go to one of my favorite Youtube channels: DARUBLUES.

Mr. Darublues is a 41 year old music collector from Indonesia who considers himself a prog/psychedelic/blues 70s freak. This is a great channel to discover/rediscover strange and beautiful prog-rock spawned of the drug era. Many of these are bands I didn't even know existed, and who the band members probably don't even remember existed. I usually give people a hard time for creating an entire Youtube channel based on copyrighted music and acting like it's something special, but for something like this, I'll make an exception since it really puts a spotlight on music that no for-profit radio station would bother with. But as Darublues points out, it's a music sharing channel. "Go buy the album" he says. Well, I've bought several songs that I discovered here, thus proving that a little online piracy actually creates revenue.

Take a look at some of the songs featured on Memory Lane:
You're Life Will Burn by Zior
Prayin' to Satan by Tomorrow's Gift
Swaying Fire by Pazop
and coming soon...
Sloth - Open Up Your Eyes by Plus

Remember, my comrades, to decimate mediocrity!


  1. unfortunately Darublues' channel got taken down.

    1. It was sad day... I remember it. This guy is a legend of YT.

    2. https://www.facebook.com/darubluesfans