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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Memory Lane: Enter the Discovery Zone

Go figure, it's the first blog entry about a new upload. Today's subject: the Discovery Zone. When I asked around about DZ, the only response I got was ZOMG I LURV DZ! (This ain't English. This ain't even Spanish.) It seems like that fun center hits a certain soft spot in peoples' hearts. So why don't you watch as I destroy it? ENTER THE DISCOVERY ZONE.

This episode is a bit different. Namely that it's actually my guest appearance on the NTR program "This American Loaf" hosted by... not Ira Glass. For some reason he seems a bit annoyed with my retrospective. It's like these things have to have plots or points or something.

And don't forget to visit the new source for Memory Lane, Reviewtopia.net

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