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Friday, March 9, 2012

An Hour Worth of "My Sharona"

This just came across my radar. Bradford Cox of buzzbands Deerhunter and Atlas Sound was performing in Minneapolis as part of his solo tour when a drunken asshole brimming with ego began heckling him and requested Cox play the beige pop-standard "My Sharona." Rather than get petty, the performer gave the heckler exactly what he asked for. He played "My Sharona." For one hour. One hour of that damn Knack song. Fucking brilliant. Unfortunately, this created a big rumor war on the Blogosphere (stop me if that word is out of date) as many people didn't really understand his absurdist joke or his need to upset the status quo. Why can't he perform an hour long version of "My Sharona?" Why can't he perform Chopsticks? Why can't he play the bagpipes or a preserved lizard?

It's upsetting how audiences today are so narrow-minded. Even amongst the Reviewer audience, I witness a hatred of anything that breaks the old formula. In Cox's case, the audience went there to hear HIM perform. If you wanted to hear Atlas Sound songs as they were on the album... than buy the damn album! When did this country get taken over by a bunch of small-brained, fearful, unadventurous Troglodytes? Fortunately, Cox explains his performance on Pitchfork. Read the article HERE.

And then go sodomize mediocrity.

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