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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pick of the Now: Network Awesome

"So what is this," you ask, "some kind of Channel Awesome affiliate?" Not in the slightest.

Network Awesome is a site dedicated to finding the best hipster-tainment Youtube has to offer. Since its inception, I have been addicted to Youtube but have had the prevailing problem that there's so much content to plow through. Often times, I find myself stuck watching terrible attempts at viral videos or pathetic re-cuts of sub-standard quality. Network Awesome does the searching for you and, according to their site, attempts to redefine how we watch broadcast television.

Everyday, the sites moderators put together a series (often a hour in length) centering around a theme like art, music, experimental film, or even just movie trailers appropriately titled "Trailer Trash." Don't expect to find a fat kid lip-synching to Rihanna, or videos of cats doing cute things, these videos appeal to that part of your brain that actually yearns to watch Fellini interviews, listen to avant-garde Belgian music, and witness the early David Lynch short films. If you get tired of auto-tuned news segments or singing celestial feline pop-tarts, check out Network Awesome at networkawesome.com for a series of awesome.

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