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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Things are Looking UPdate

After cutting myself off from the world for a couple weeks, I finally have a couple things to announce. First, remember my talk about the Demon Bluesman? I'll post the first chapter "Fresh-Picked Jack-o-Lanterns" on Monday April 9th.
Chapter 1 Cover Page

This is my attempt at self-publishing a free novella and I want to see how well it goes, so please support/share if you like it. Although, if you don't like violent, vulgar, dark-humored horror stories about an egotistical misanthrope, then maybe you should pass it up and send it to your sick-minded friends.

Second, I'll be premiering a new show on my Blip page called Bubblegum Hookah. It stars yours truly and my dealer Coral Snake McGee, who looks exactly like me except with a hat. It's along the lines of a sketch show with continuing story lines and focuses on what goes on backstage here at Memory Lane. The channel will remain bi-weekly but with alternating shows from here on out: Memory Lane and Bubblegum Hookah. And of course the occasional special.

So... how soon before this all dissolves into Porn?

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