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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Happy April First! I thought I'd celebrate the first of the month by bringing you my favorite children's film of all time: ERASERHEAD! It's a whimsical, magical tale of printer's fight against an evil moon creature bent on ruining his family. Everyone was trying to prank me by trying to convince me that Oancitizen reviewed the same movie today, but that's just... oh crap, HE DID REVIEW IT! Son of a kitsch! I think he's a time traveler who stole my idea from the future... and did it differently... and better.

But check out Eraserhead-Rush on Reviewtopia as well as other April First specials from other Producers. The Film Renegado did a crossover with that time-traveling whuttzit himself who gives a very Shakespearean performance.

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