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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pick of the Now: Sleepy Tree

What's the advantage of going to an art high school? You meet and keep in contact with a lot of cool, creative, and talented people. Sometimes a person could be all three! Such is the case with my friend Alex Dougherty (AC Deathstrike) who has been working on an album that resonates with ambient tones, dreamy vocals, and retro video game beats. Yeah, you know that last descriptor tickled your Techno-fancy. This week he has uploaded a new song titled "Maybe This Will Work Out Well..." off his upcoming EP "Sleepy Tree." (Hey, that rhymes!)

The video above was edited by Alex and features artwork from our mutual friend, the very talented painter Katherine Lafave. Her artwork can be viewed at katherinelefave.com

I also recommend the song Celebrating Craziness. Got to love the title.

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