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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Stone Roses: Hologram Reunion

Look, look! The Coachella Lineup has been announced! You know, that expensive as hell music festival I get excited about every year and never go to. Let's take a look...
Uh... so there's that... a little underwhelming. Blur? They're good, but RHCP? Who hasn't given them head...liner... headlined? Phoenix? A band that will be irrelevant in a couple years? I'd get excited about The Stone Roses, but didn't they all die in '96? Is this going to be some kind of hologram performance accompanied by Dr Dre?
Pictured: SCIENCE!
Man, those are going to be some apathetic holograms.

Well, I'm left to assume that the rest of the bands performing are a bunch of record-label coat-tail-riders scooped up by the all-mighty Coachella Machine. What obscure bands do we got here?

The Yeahs, the Modest Mice, The New Orders, Bad Seed, Dinosaur Senior, The Yeahs, The Beach Houses, The Jurassic 5ives, The Japan-android, The Wu-Tang Band, Horses, The Tegans and the Sarahs, The Yeahs, Singer Ross, the USPS, Dos XX, The Dracula Weekday, The Grindermen, and... Lou Reed? I was certain he died in the 80's. Huh, must be another hologram. A very surly hologram.

Alright, back to being totes enthused over Abraham Lincoln directing Star Tours or whatever that was.

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