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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Memory Lane #36: Dino-Dystopia

I'm a huge fan of James Gurney's illustrated book series "Dinotopia". Imagine my surprise in 2002 when I discovered that a major production company was giving Dinotopia the small screen treatment.

"This is going to awesome and not at all suck," I said to all those unfortunate to be within shouting distance.

After part one, my expectations diminished. After part two, my demands felt they might be met. After part three, the finale, I left with a sore taste in my mouth.

"This could have been so much better!" I shouted at my now-vacant shout-radius.

Eleven years later, I'd watch the four-hour behemoth again. As I rounded hour three, I realized I was so not invested. I was far more entertained by reading James Gurney's website. Oddly enough, I find very little mention of the mini-series on his site. Huh...

Well, what better way to express my opinion about this colossal caper than featuring it as my next Memory Lane: Dino-Dystopia. Dinosaurs and humans, magic and adventure! How can this suck?

WATCH "Memory Lane #36: Dino-Dystopia."

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