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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Memory Lane #37: "Return of the Station Identities"

About two years ago, I made an educational video about Station Identities and TV Production Vanity Cards. Since then, I've gotten questions/requests/threats/paranoid delusions about doing a follow-up video. But I thought it was far more productive to talk about Power Rangers and Kickstarter Videos.

After months of scouring the Internet for more logo goodness, I have found and completed the long-awaited sequel: Return of the Station Identities. Yeah, not as catchy as the first title "Station Identity Crisis," but I wanted something that was long and difficult to say quickly and a title card that is terrifying! So have a look. Music sampled from the X-Ray Spex again!

WATCH "Memory Lane #37: Return of the Station Identities"

Also, check out the trailer for a short documentary about irrational fears of the Screen Gems logo: "The S from Hell."

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